Hannah Bates is a Fullstack Software Engineer with experience in web application, mobile applications, machine learning, and 3D game development. She has experience with a wide spectrum of open source and proprietary technologies including React, Redux, Node.js, Express, Sequelize, PostgreSQL, Webpack, Phaser.io, Socket.io, TensorFlow.js, and Three.js. She specializes in C++, Java, JavaScript and TypeScript.

Hannah is a Fullstack Software Engineer at Google and based in New York City.

Projects of Interest

Midnight Train

December 2020

A voice-command driven 3D interactive simulation that uses machine learning to customize voice commands. Developed with Node.JS, Three.js, React: three-fiber & three/cannon, TensorFlow.js, Firebase, Redux | Github

Regex Spaceship

December 2020

An Among Us inspired live-multiplayer game that helps coders learn RegEx, developed with Phaser.io, Express.js, Socket.io, Webpack, Sequelize, PostgreSQL | Github


November 2020

A platform shooter game with four levels that increase in difficulty and a leaderboard. Developed with Phaser.io, Express.js, Webpack, Babel, Sequelize, and PostgreSQL | Github