Midnight Train

A voice-command driven 3D interactive simulation that uses machine learning to customize voice commands. Developed with Node.JS, Three.js, React: three-fiber & three/cannon, TensorFlow.js, Firebase, Redux | Github

SquadCast v4

We’ve added a new setting within the SquadCast Cloud Studio that empowers Hosts and Guests with the choice to take advantage of’s advanced Noise Cancelling Technology within the real-time conversation, while never reducing the recording quality. We’re stoked to have increased the capacity to 1 Host + 9 Guests for a total of 10 people recording together, the highest of any Remote Content Production platform.


A platform shooter game with four levels that increase in difficulty and a leaderboard. Developed with, Express.js, Webpack, Babel, Sequelize, and PostgreSQL | Github

Regex Spaceship

An Among Us inspired live-multiplayer game that helps coders learn RegEx, developed with, Express.js,, Webpack, Sequelize, PostgreSQL | Github

Plant Palace

An e-commerce website for purchasing plants that maximizes usability with a persistent cart and secure API routes. Developed with React, Redux, Express, Sequelize, and PostgreSQL | Github

The Peoples Matrix website

Developed with Out in Tech Digital Corps for The People’s Matrix Association, a human rights group based in Lesotho. Optimized for Lesotho’s internet speed and primary mobile phone access.